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As a society we are increasingly concerned about our environment and the impact of burning fossil fuels

in our day to day lives. Most concerning is the emissions of two and four stroke yard maintenance equipment which in most cases far exceeds that of the automobile.

At PULSE we are working hard to make the transition to battery powered tools and can now mow, trim and blow off your lawns, trim hedges and prune trees electrically while we wait patiently for our all electric fleet vehicles to arrive!

Pulse offers the same yard care services as traditional gas powered companies, but for the same price you would pay them we do the work without creating harmful emissions - It's a No-Brainer!

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Why Electric?




Regardless of how careful or well trained the operator is, spills of gasoline and oil

happen and are bad for your soil and plants never-mind the unsightly mess. Oil and

filters need to be changed regularly and properly disposed of. Battery powered

equipment has none of those problems and they are recyclable.



Lawn Mowing (Mulched or Bagged)

Edge Trimming

Litter and Leaf Cleanup



Power Raking


Fertilizer and Weed Control

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Window Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Pressure Washing

Snow Removal



Having just started a new family in Calgary we've really been thinking about the future, the quality of our surroundings, our neighbourhood, our city and the planet. Since we've been in the property maintenance business for a number of years we decided to start with what we know and build a more sustainable future from there. Reaching zero emissions as a family has long been our goal and now that much of our equipment is available with battery powered options we've decided to go all in and offer these same services to our neighbours and existing clients in the form of PULSE LANDSCAPING.

If you think you would like to join us in this pursuit please contact us for your yard maintenance needs. Your neighbours and the planet will thank you.

Burton Wiebe & Family

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